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Monday, 12 February 2018

What to Do After Graduation?

What to Do After Graduation?
Graduation is a degree which is received after completing the course.
Student may appear in graduation after completing his/her studies(10+2 or 10th). In graduation many course are provided, according to the interest level of student choosing his/her course. Time duration of graduation are different according to course which we select. We can start our graduation even after passing 10th. Graduation and 12th class are different from each other. Both are different academic levels that are being adopted by the student.Followingare the few courses which we can select -:

·    B.sc-: B.sc (Bachelor of Science) is most common under graduation degree among the science. It took 3-5 years of completion. It is the study of science which include physics, chemistry, maths, biology and computer.

·     B.com-: B.com (Bachelor of commerce) is a under graduation degree deals with the study of commerce or business related subjects. It is also 3 years program.

·     BBA-: BBA (Bachelor of Business Administrator) is the under graduation degree were student study various aspects of Business. It is also a 3 years program. In this degree student learn basic concepts of management and business studies.

·    B.Tech-: B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is the one most popular under graduation degree were student learn basic concepts of various Technology and tries to implements. It has mainly six branches that is Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering.

·   Bachelor of Law-: Bachelor of Law is under graduate degree is the study of Laws and regulations of any country.

·      B.Pharma-: Bachelor of Pharmacy is the most common for medical student is a under graduate degree were student study all aspects of drugs and medicine usage. It is 4 years program.

·       B.Arch-: B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) is a under graduate degree program of studying an Architectures.  Architecture is an art of planning, designing,  constructions etc.

·      Many more courses are there for graduation program from were student can select any course and became Graduate.

What to do after Graduation?
There many options are there after completing the graduation. After graduation we can do jobs, higher studies, preparations etc.
After graduation all doors are open it depends on us to choose which a right path is.  After graduation person full of confident to do something bigger than that at time of graduation lack off. There are some common scenarios were most of people chooses-:

                                  I.            Get a Job -:After graduation most of people runs towards getting jobs. Job getting is not a big deal but getting a right job is a quite difficult. Newly graduated student called as ‘Fresher’, full of confidence and motivation searches opportunity to show their talent. Some of fresher may opportunity at university level and some get after words.  For getting jobs we used maintain our results with good grades and resumes. If you haven’t decided yet then look your degree and ask question yourself ‘what I can do with my degree’, match the point with job and area of interest and explore with it. For a getting a job you need to have good practical knowledge as well as theoretical also. 

                                II.            Entrepreneur-: Some people are more knowledgeable and concept of their subject is clear that they try to start their own work. That’s called Entrepreneur. It is process of launching, designing new business and technology.Those people thinking level is very high. The term "entrepreneur" is often conflated with the term small business or used interchangeably with this term. While most entrepreneurial ventures start out as a small business, not all small businesses are entrepreneurial in the strict sense of the term. Such take ricks and enjoys their profits if they get success. Many small businesses are sole proprietor operations consisting solely of the owner, or they have a small number of employees, and many of these small businesses offer an existing product, process or service, and they do not aim at growth. For being entrepreneur, it doesn’t require any degree but it require most important thing that is experience and knowledge. If you have experience and knowledge yes then you can run a big organization. 

                              III.            Preparation-: Some of candidates want stability in their life. So they do preparation of government sectors, PSU’s or good MNC’s. Preparation is most common strategy that candidate chooses and work harder to achieve stability in their life. A year gap meets with difficulties, learning new things like languages etc, different types of people and an experience how behave with others. Preparation is good option for those candidates who are fixed with their aim. That candidate focuses on their aim and tries to grape the opportunity. While preparation it took time but have some better results in your hands. Preparation requires hard work, patience, self-motivation and confidence. These factors may lead’s you a bright future. Patience is key factor that should be maintained because without patience one cannot tolerate the difficult circumstances. For candidate those who do preparation is only thing kept in mind that ‘hard work is key to success’.

                              IV.            Masters-: After graduation there is an alternative option that is pursuing higher degree.  Doing masters in interest subject makes you prefect in particular that subject. Master degree is the second level of your academics degree. It is 2 year full time as well as part time program.  Master degree is the advance study of your bachelor degree as part of integrated courses. It possesses a high level of knowledge and practical’s as compared to bachelor degree.There any reputed Universities were one can pursuethe master degree with selected subjects. It requires a good basic knowledge of your subject so that one may easily understand the advance concepts of subjects. There are many master degrees like M.Tech, M.sc, MBA etc. Even government also gives scholarships who pursue the master degree from government institute. By doing master degree from government institute it has own benefits like good placements, makes eligible for doctorate etc. Master degree does not too much expenditure. Master degree gives a better stability in life and makes a bright path for one’s future.   


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