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Monday, 14 September 2015

How To Remove Negative Marking In Examination - Do's & Don'ts

How to Remove Negative Marking In Examination - Do's & Don'ts

In the present time, competition is very complex because large no. of job seekers and negative marking in competitive exams
almost all competitive exam whether it is for Bank exam, Railways jobs, Entrance exam or for private exams, following the trend of negative marking. Here we discuss about and some useful guidelines to reduce the negative marking in competitive exam.

Negative Marking?

Negative Marking is the Process to reduce those aspirants who are not sure and who are depends on luck about the correct answer. So aspirants if you are preparing of any government and private exams, you must have to attention at the time answering of question. Because these exam are not very tough but have to be careful about negative marking rule.

The negative marks are allocated for each and every wrong answer and the reduction of marks is from 0.25 to 0.50 in the entire competitive exam.  Negative marking is affecting your original marking so aspirants must given answer very carefully. Here we have given some guidelines to reduce negative marking in competitive exam.

Aspirants must remember following point to remove Negative Marking in Examination:

Aspirants must avoid following things:

Avoid Guessing:
Aspirants don’t answer for the doubted query, basically you leave it. You must have to response for only well-known questions otherwise it may cause negative marking. Never do guess it will decrease your marks, attempt only those questions for which you are sure.

Avoid Writing:
In some exams you have to answer in OMR sheet, which are read by computer systems. So try to prevent overwriting or eliminating an answer you have already marked, otherwise it will be measured as incorrect solutions resulting in negative marks.

Aspirants need to think following points:

Firstly Read the Question Carefully:
Because sometime we give the answer quickly and tick on the wrong answer while we know the right answer. So read the question carefully before giving the answers.

Make full Concentration:
While Answering, make full concentration if you can’t concentrate in the exam. Then it will be very difficult for you to give the proper answers.

Calculated Risk only:
Applicants should make sure about your answer, not to get lured for answering maximum number of questions. Try responding to first the questions that you are assured of being correct. Guessing solutions will decrease the marks without your understanding. Take calculated risk only when necessary.

Firstly Attempt Easier Question:
Every year, all competitive exams have some easy questions and some really complicated ones. Go through the whole question paper and solve the simpler ones first. Responding to the simpler ones gives you an idea of how much more you need to attempt. Accordingly, you could set up your risk strategy for the remaining questions.

If you are well prepared for exam then you do not need to worry for Negative marking. Just concentrate to your goal and do hard work and follow the above steps to reduce the negative marking.


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