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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Top Tips To Improve Memory Power And Concentration

How to Improve Memory:
Today we are going to tell about the Improve memory skill by using the different ways and technique. Here you find in this article some ideas which boost the career in all field.

All humans knows that every person have a brain so everyone want to know about the all things but think about many types of thing, how can solve these things .A healthy brain is like a powerful, suppose a driver want to drive a car so training is required to operate the car for driver with some skill and performance.

Now, Memory skills are some techniques which you can use to boost your memory performance to a level you never thought possible. 

The following skills are learned and use for a more powerful memory:
Article Writing
The habit of writing a journal can help to make strong your memory of the events in your life. This is also known as episodic memory.

Memory Systems Criteria:
Everyone memorize some events by using the Memory Systems such as the Peg, Journey, Memory Palace, Name-Face, and Numeric methods. These systems involve using the visualization memory technique.

Brain Exercises
Proving brain exercises into your daily routine to make strong your memory.

Mnemonic Tricks
We can also use mnemonic instruments such as Rhymes and Acronyms as good memory techniques for increase mind whenever it is convenient for memorization.

Speed Reading Technique:
We can also increase our average reading speed for solving comprehension and thinking about it.

Fast Study Skills:
We can also use study skills during study sessions to retain more of the material. For e examples are include Whole or some Part Learning, Reducing Interference, and Recitation.

The another way to playing with memory means According to play memory games are also improve our memory-

These are following tips for improve memory
Board Games:
This type of games has traditionally played on a board. Some examples are chess, checkers, cribbage, backgammon, dominoes, mancala, minesweeper, and marble solitaire.

Card & Tile Games:
This type of game has card games and mahjong tile games. Some examples include variations of card solitaire, such as basic solitaire, castle solitaire, forty thieves’ solitaire, free cell solitaire, and pyramid solitaire.
Concentration Games:
Playing concentration games are also improving memory because these games help to concentrate to brain. These improve focus, attention span, and more powerful. Example of Concentration games are Aqua Bubble, Cube Field, Bloons, Gold Miner, Gyro ball, Lost in Migration, Snake Game, Stack polis. These are very simple games to helpful for improving memory.

Mathematics Games:
Some math games are also helpful for improving memory. These are included here are games such as Baseball Multiplication, Brain Racer, Equator Math, Kakuro math puzzle, Math Mountain, Nim Game, Pacman Math, Sudoku, and many others.

Memory Games Technique:
If improving your short-term memory and working memory is your aim. The following memory games are included Ben 10 Memory, Brain Power Zoo, Brain Safari, Lightning Librarian, Mario Memory, Glitter Memory, Pattern Memory, Trolley Dash, and more.

Puzzle Games:
The largest brain improving games are given in this section. These are including 3D Logic, Bejeweled, Bloxorz, Demolition City, Harry the Hamster, Tetris, Scooby Doo's Creepy Castle. These games are helpful for improving memory.

Word Games:
Word games are also helpful for improving memory. If you like word games or if you're into typing games then you will enjoy these games .These games include Scrabble Sprint, Air Typer, Bookworm, Crosswords, Hangman, Piano Bar, Typing Tide pool etc. These games, you are also searching on the internet.

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